Values we believe in

About Us

Our Brand

“The frame you wear is how you introduce yourself to the world…’’

Each person is a ‘‘Unique Pièce’’. 

With our Les Pièces Uniques designs, we aim to bring out the beauty of each unique face, while combining it with a personal and fashionable style.

Capturing the alchemy between history and contemporary; the unconventionalsophisticatedcolorfulurban and fresh designs are vital qualifying values of our brand.

The character of our collections is far from the ostentatious approach of fashion brands; it represents an independent, sober but modern style projected into the future. 


Our Story

Les Pièces Uniques was born in 2010 in the heart of Milan, home of ‘’Made in Italy’’ design.

After 40 years of experience in the eyewear industry, Mucelli family’s vision, passion for design, innovation and research emerged the brand, meanwhile supported by the excellence of the Italian artisans and craftsmen and the outstanding quality of materials.

Today each Les Pièces Uniques product is designed after deep research and testing, with meticulous details to be comfortable, light and easy to wear.


Special Projects & Collaborations

In 2019, Les Pièces Uniques started the collaboration with Brera Academy of Fine Art, translating the values of the brand into life through some marketing and shooting campaigns of the brand.

Moreover Les Pièces Uniques promoted an educational workshop for the students of SoundArt and Photography Masters, followed by a dedicated scholarship funding to the most deserving students.